We are responsible to our children

Environmental responsibility

Taking the ecological environment into consideration is a natural part of everyday life at Jussila Group. We act to reduce the direct environmental impact of our operations and we try to identify the indirect environmental impact in our entire operating chain.

The environmental aspects are taken into account in project planning, by monitoring the ongoing projects as well as in the completion of the projects.

The production chains of Jussila Group affect the environment through eg. the use of soil and aggregates and the consumption of energy. To minimise the direct and indirect environmental impacts Jussila Group attempts to shorten the turnaround times of our operating chains and to invest in energy efficiency and to pay attention to the efficient circulation of materials.

The environmental system of Jussila Group is based on ISO 14001 –standard. Our aim is to get environmental certification in near future.


Jussila Group strives to reduce the company's carbon footprint by minimising the carbon emissions created in its operations. By using modern machinery with the latest technology we can do the work more precise and more efficient thus reducing the impact on the environment. We continuously monitor the fuel consumption of our transportation vehicles and try to reduce the emissions by reducing the fuel consumption. Regular maintenance and daily checking routines ensure that our machinery is always in good condition. In this way we can reduce emissions and prevent leaks. We also pay attention to minimising the time of idling and to importance of the pre-heating of engines in wintertime.
To some extent it is possible to plan the work so that the work is done in the optimal season and thus the use of the machinery and the fuel consumption can be optimised.


For Jussila Group it is natural to take into consideration also the long term impacts of its operations. According to the principles of sustainable development we want for our part to ensure a good world not only for the current generations but also for the generations to come.
We respect the environment and we take nature and its values into account in all our operations. We plan our projects so that the nature is treated respectfully and after the projects we return the environment into as good condition as possible. We are committed to this by the regulations of the permission procedures.

For our employees we want to provide as good working environment as possible. In this working environment respect for nature is one of the key elements. Also the local people is taken into consideration everywhere where we operate by minimising the potential negative impacts.
The above mentioned matters enable us to practice sustainable economy as well. Sustainable economy is neither based on indebtedness nor on wasting of immaterial and material resources. We are not looking for short-term gains. Our aim is to create solid and sound company economy by respecting the needs of the nature and the people.