Values guide our operations

Company values

Internal entrepreneurship

The attitude to their work among the employees of Jussila Group is as committed, enthusiastic and initiative like they all were the entrepreneurs. A lot of responsibility is given to the employees and they take it with pride.


Jussila Group strives to operate in as sustainable manner as possible and to combine the expectations and objects of both the company and its stakeholders.


Jussila Group strives to actively and openly communicate to all its stakeholders of the impacts of its operations to environment, economy and people.

Continuous improvement

Jussila Group continuously analyses its operations and improves the operating processes based on the recognised problems.

”Sisu” (a Finnish word for strength of will, determination, perseverance)

"In the beginning there were the swamp, the hoe — and Jussila" (the opening line of the classic trilogy Under the North Star by Väinö Linna)

Jussila Group has the same determined attitude to work as Jussi Koskela in Under the North Star.