Taking responsibility – the key to success

Corporate responsibility

Jussila Group recognises how its operations affect the surrounding communities, environment, personnel and other stakeholders. The corporate responsibility of Jussila Group is divided into three main sectors:

  • economic responsibility
  • environmental responsibility
  • well-being of personnel

Responsibility is a natural part of the everyday work of Jussila Group. Responsibility, which is one of the company’s five values, lays together with the other values the foundation for the company’s operations and development.

In accordance with the principles of sustainable development, Jussila Group takes into account the economic, environmental and social aspects in all of its operations. Through responsible operations Jussila Group secures its current and future operating conditions.

Preconditions for sustainable business are satisfaction of customers, profitability and competitiveness of operations, responsible management, competent and committed personnel as well as continuous improvement of operations in all areas.

The responsible operating practices are continuously developed based both on the needs for development recognised by ourselves and on the feedback received from our stakeholders.

Jussila Group Oy is a member of ”Luotettava Kumppani – Reliable Partner” -programme. According to The Act on Contractor’s Obligations and Liability, before an orderer concludes a contract, it is obliged to check whether the counterparty is entered in the Prepayment Register and the Employer Register, and is registered as VAT-liable in the Value Added Tax Register. Similarly, the orderer must ascertain whether the counterparty has paid its taxes and taken out pension insurances, as well as the type of collective agreement or principal terms of employment it applies to the work.