There’s power in co-operation

Sisältö lisätään myöhemmin.

Co-operation partners

We at Jussila Group have accepted the fact that as a SME-company we cannot know and do everything by ourselves. Therefore we have created a network of co-operation partners.

Here we have listed few examples of our co-operation partners:

Scandinaval Group

Scandinaval Group supplies advanced technical solutions, professional engineers, skillful manpower and foreman services to the Construction and Oil & Gas industries.

Geopudas Oy

Geopudas Oy provides research and planning services concerning soil extraction and use of construction aggregates.

Louhintaliike Ylimäki Oy

Louhintaliike Ylimäki Oy has specialised in implementation of large quarrying and blasting operations.

Iin pohjatutkimus- ja mittauspalvelu Oy

Pohjatutkimus- ja Mittauspalvelu Oy has specialised in measurement and surveying technology, ground investigations and planning of municipal engineering.