Organised management

Management systems

Board of Directors

Jussila Group has a very active Board of Directors which has meetings regularly. Our extensive financial management system delivers real time reports to support the decisions. The Board of Directors continuously monitors the financial result and compares it to the budgets.

HR Management

The company operations are run by the managing director. The company has a management team which consists of managing director, technical director and office manager. In HR management we take care of the well-being of our personnel by offering eg. comprehensive occupational healthcare services. We also offer physical exercise services to our employees free of charge.

By selecting and educating our drivers carefully we can ensure that our customers will get only real professionals to work at their sites.

Quality system

Jussila Group has put a lot of effort on development of management systems. We work on a quality and management system which is based on ISO 9001 standard. Our aim is to get our quality system certified in 2015.

Environmental management

Our environmental management system is in accordance with ISO 14001. Our aim is to get the system certified in 2015.

Financial management

We use developed EmCe financial management system which provides us accrued income statement and balance sheet every month. The Board of Directors approves yearly budgets (sales, production, result and cash).
The financial statements are audited by EY, KHT-auditor Risto Hyvönen being the main responsible auditor.